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A Magical Experience of the Christmas Season!

Imagine how exciting it would be to have Santa stop by for a sit down visit next to your own Christmas tree!

Santa Paul spent many years being Santa for a number of charitable organizations in and around the Tampa Bay Area... He has since decided to share his experience with the general public by doing Christmas parties of all sizes, both for individuals and companies. What could liven up a holiday party more than having a real bearded Santa with a genuine Santa suit, boots, and belt show up? Children of all ages will be thrilled with the experience and will want to tell Santa their Christmas wishes.

Santa Paul will be there to pose for photos with individuals as well as groups.

Santa Paul is also available for home visits for parties large or small.

In addition, do not forget that visit that will create a memory for your child that will last a lifetime.

The Christmas Eve drop in. Santa will pose with the children and pass out the presents that the parents and/or host have provided.

Santa Paul has a Doctorate of Santa Claus degree from the International University of Santa Claus. This is a program taught by the Hollywood Santa, Tim Conninghan. Santa Tim has been the Santa in the Hollywood Christmas parade for a number of years.

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 Santa Paul still participates in many charity events. One of the visits he looks forward to most is his visit to the Fisher House for the families of veterans at the Bay Pines VA Hospital. He brings bags of toys and holiday cheer to the children of the veterans who are in the hospital, rehab center or nursing facility.

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